Features – Utility Times



Utility Times provide a connected platform where the discoms(distribution companies) and consumers are on the same page. The consumer can register a new meter and when the discom creates a new planned outage the consumers affected are notified. The outages reported by the consumers can be viewed by the discom and allow the discom to assign and update their status.


The consumer will be acknowledged once they raise an outage or complaint.
When the discom changes the status of the outage or complaint the consumers
will be notified as well thus reducing the communication gap. The discom can
also send emergy alerts to the consumers. Everything the consumer reports are
accounted for and acknowledged with alerts and notifications.

Complaints & FEEDBACK

The consumers using the mobile app would be able to raise a complaint and also
send feedback to the discoms. All the reported complaints are updated on the dashboard of the discom. The discom can also view the feedback sent by the consumers on the portal.


Outages are visualized as clusters and heatmaps using maps. This would give a
highlevel view about the outages in and around an area. The discom can view the
same using the portal.


The consumer can track his bills and make payments on the go. consumer will be
notified about new bills and also about the pending bills. All the major modes of
payments are allowed through the mobile app.


The consumer can avail various coupons and offers provided by the Utility Times
aggregated e-store. The consumer can select coupons based on the category
and the purchased coupons are accessed using the mobile app


The consumers can track their usage using the reports provided on the mobile app. The consumer can also view reports comparing his consumption to the users in his local.  The consumer can also get a forecast for the consumption. All these reports are also available will bill patterns too.


Stay connected with your utility Industry.